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Laser Cutting

Our Laser Cutting Service

We offer a laser cutting and engraving service for clients who want a cheap and easy way to produce their own products. Laser cutting provides a cheap and efficient way to mass produce a design out of a variety of different materials. The design can be any shape you require, without having to make expensive predesigned moulds or having to rely on slow 3d printing technology to make your design come to life. We can laser cut a large variety of materials including wood, acrylic, leather, foam, rubber, fabric, paper and cardboard. We are also open to requests if you are a specific material in mind and would like to find out if it can be laser cut.

What we offer

Worldwide delivery

We can laser cut your design in bulk and simply ship your order to you internationally.


We offer some of the fastest turn around times in the industry with our laser cutting service.

Various materials

We have worked with a wide range of materials including wood, acrylic, glass, rubber, leather, steel & much more.

Custom designs

Our team of talented designers can draft your design for you so its ready laser cutting, packaging and delivery.

universal designs

Laser cutting

We can laser cut various materials with varying thicknesses & densities.

universal designs

Laser engraving

We can engrave any design on many different surface types.

Typical items that we will be laser cutting:

  • Keyrings
  • Coasters
  • Fridge magnets
  • Medals
  • Trophies
  • Custom shapes
  • Puzzles
  • Signs
  • Cake toppers
  • Wedding invitations
Laser cutting materials


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MDF or Supawood


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All our listed materials can be cut up to dimensions of 600 x 400 mm. We can cut up to 15 mm in depth depending on the substrate we are cutting, and can fit items up to 300 mm in depth in our machines. For cutting denser substrates such as steel,  please visit our steel laser cutting page. If you would simply like an item to be engraved, we have a separate laser engraving page with its own quote form which you can fill out and submit to us.

If there is a material not listed on our website that you would like to cut, please go to our contact us page and fill out the form.

Our Woods

We have multiple types of wood to choose from for your cutting needs. We have standard mdf or supawood, veneers such as cherry, wenge, and white, and plywoods such as cherry ply, pine ply, sapele ply and white oak ply.

African wenge veneer

Windsor cherry veneer

Sapele plywood


Pine plywood

Cherry plywood

White oak plywood

White veneer

If you would like to use one of these woods for your order, be sure to let us know which option you would like on our quote form.

Products created through laser cutting

Just about any product design you can think of can be laser cut. Here are some cool products people have laser cut.

laser cutting keyrings

Laser cut keyring

laser cutting coasters

Laser cut coaster

laser cutting names

Laser cut names

laser cutting butterfly

Laser cut butterfly decoration

laser cutting box

Laser cut jewellery box

laser cutting 3d models

Laser cut 3d models

laser cutting clock

Laser cut clock

laser cutting wine box

Laser cut winebox

All images in this section have been sourced online and are for demonstration purposes only.

Laser engraving types

We have 2 kinds of engraving options available for your products, vector engrave and full engrave.

vector laser cutting

Vector engrave

Our vector engrave option is the fastest and the cheapest engraving option available. With a vector engrave, only the outlines of your artwork is traced which greatly speeds up production time. This option is ideal if you are on a budget but would still like to have an engraving. This type of engraving is suitable for any use as the quality of the outlines are very good, but your engraving will not be filled like with a quick or a full engrave.

laser engraved circle

Full engrave

Our full engrave option renders your artwork at a high enough ppi* resolution for you to not notice horizontol lines across your artwork. This type of engraving is useful for items that will be viewed up close. A full engrave always looks better than a vector engrave and a quick engrave, however it is more expensive as it takes much longer to produce. As seen in the image above, a full engrave fills out your entire artwork. This type of engraving is ideal for items such as keyrings, coasters, medals or items you will view up close.

Order requirements

In order to make sure that we maintain a fast and efficient service for our clients, we have a basic minimum order amount for all jobs. The minimum amount that we charge for a small job is R200 for both cutting and engraving. We also require that you fill out our quoting form below to provide us with us much information as possible regarding your order.

Quote form

Need more options?

In addition to our standard laser cutting service, we also have laser cutting options available for denser substrates such as steel and aluminum. Find out more about our steel laser cutting service or watch a short video demonstrating  a product being laser cut.