Company Logo Design

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Company Logo Design

Every business must have a design or emblem that represents what it stands for or achieves. At Universal Designs we recognize logo design as a vital part of your business marketing, and is the image that stays in the minds of your customers that keep your business afloat.

Choosing the right company logo design for your business is as important as hiring the right employees to make your business what it needs to be. So much information is gathered from a business logo, even from a quick glimpse, whether it be on the side of a truck, embossed on a beer bottle, or even in an email signature. Your company logo design is seen as the face of your business, and a lot of time and effort needs to put in to get your logo just right in order to convey the right message.

Company logo design is also extremely important in attracting customers to make use of your products or services. A well designed company logo will grant your business a higher chance of success for first time customers to make use of your business compared to a slap dash, unplanned logo that lacks passion and a powerful message . You can think of your logo as your company’s hardest working sales agent.

What should be in my company logo design?

There are 3 main types of logo designs, including wordmark logos, pictorial logos and abstract iconography. These kinds of company logo designs differ greatly but they all achieve more or less the same end result for your business. Enabling your customers to easily remember your business.

Lets start with wordmark logo. Wordmark logo design involves focussing on the name of your company as the logo itself. Examples of these include Coca-Cola, Castle, Cadbury and other major brands. It typically includes a very stylized font to make up for a lack of abstract design in most cases. This type of logo design its perfect for getting customers to remember your brand name directly as that is all they are being provided.

Next are pictoral logos. In contrast to wordmark logos, these types of logo designs focus purely on an image to convey a message. They are typically kept quite simple in design. An example of this would be Apple’s logo. A very basic shape and design but gets the brand name across perfectly through use of a shape only.

And lastly we have abstract iconography. This logo design relies on a complete abstract shape that gets recognised as a certain brand over time. These types of logo’s are the most favourite among businesses as they are usually very unique and abstract. A great example of this type of logo would be Nike’s very famous check mark logo.

Certain companies prefer to mix the differents types of logo designs all in one. An example of this would be the Microsoft logo, which combines 4 coloured squares along with stylized text to achieve the look they are after. Whatever logo design you choose, we can create a professional logo for your business so you can start building your company’s brand today. Simply fill in our quote form below to provide us with as much detail about your business as possible so we can design the right logo for you.

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