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Increase the effectiveness of Flyers

A great way to gain more customers is through the use of flyers. Having printed flyers for your business is a cost effective way to get your business out to the masses. The idea is simple, have your product or service promoted on a flyer by having a flyer designed and printed in the thousands. Then simply head over to a busy area in your nearest town and start handing them out.

Let’s discuss some important factors to take into consideration in order to make your next flyer advertising campaign more effective for your business.


When it comes to flyer design, your potential customers are most likely going to spend a very short amount of time look at your flyer, so the message you are trying to get across needs to be very apparent. The average person that is handed a flyer will glance at it for no longer than 2 seconds before they put the flyer down on the seat of their car or toss it in the nearest bin. This makes things tricky when it comes to designing your flyer. Text should be easy to read, and the flyer should be easy to understand with no unnecessary cluttering of graphics or information.


Another important factor is to keep your flyers simple which will help keep the attention span of the viewer. It will also help keep your message clear and obvious. Make sure the way to reach your business is very clear and easy to spot to get your customer to easily make contact. Whether this is a contact number, an email address or a website address, these ways of making contact should be seemless and easy to read and understand.

Target audiences

Even though its very easy to hand flyers out at your nearest shopping mall, there isnt much to indicate that those flyers arent going to waste. Very little is known about the person you are handing the flyers out to which could be a problem depending on the printing cost of your flyers. If you keep your flyer design small and one sided, this would be a simple way to reduce your printing cost.

The printing cost of your flyers will become a factor if you have gone for large flyers that are colourful and double sided, so choosing your target audience carefully will be very important at increasing the effectiveness of your flyers and keeping your overall costs down. Even if you have opted for a cheaper flyer design, why waste flyers when you can make them work for you more effectively at no additional expense? You can carefully select the areas where your flyers get handed out to ensure you are targeting a more appropriate audience, based on other shops around your area.

For example, lets say you are selling a product for game consoles. This could be anything. Maybe you are thinking of selling second hand consoles and games and starting your own trading platform. By choosing flyers to market your business, an effective way to get potential customers would be to hand out your flyers nearby a gaming store and specifically targeting customers that are walking out the store. This way you can be sure that that person that is receiving your flyer is a gamer or at least has some interest in gaming and you are reaching the right target audience for your business.


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