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Business Cards

Business cards are an essential part of getting customers to know about your business, and even more importantly, to remember your business a few weeks down the line. To add to this, making professional looking business cards that matches your business’s branding or specifically your company’s logo could further deepen that first impression and make your business more memorable to your clients.

We will go through some top tips in having an effective business card design that is right for you.


Your business cards should have a theme, that is, a selection of colours or designs that match or compliment your already completed branding, such as a logo. It is common practice to choose colours from your logo’s design to compliment the existing colour scheme. There are many variations you could use with this, for example, you could choose 1 colour from your logo to fill the entire business card to make it impressionable, while still matching the original theme.

You could also choose multiple colours and include them all in a subtle design, thereby maintaining your theme and still complimenting your colours. Either way, it is recommended to have your theme run throughout your business cards including the front and the back to maintain the same look.


The purpose of a business card is purely informational. It contains important information including your company’s name, email addresses, contact numbers, contact persons and even your companys physical address. Therefore it is important to choose the right font as well as font colour to make your business card serve its purpose correctly.

Cursive or heavily stylized fonts should be outright avoided to ensure that customers can easily read the supplied information. Bright or light colours should be avoided for the same reason. Stick to dark colours or colours that will create a lot of contrast between your text and the background of your business card to make text readable for clients. Getting information across to your clients is more important than using the latest fancy font that can be found online.

Another worthwhile tip would be to ensure that your ppi resolution is set to the high recommended ppi resolution of 300 pixels per inch. This will ensure that no quality is lost in the printing process when your business cards are ready to be made.

As a quick side note, any printed graphics should always be designed and print tested in the CMYK colour palette to ensure your colours will come out as expected. At Universal Designs, we take special care to ensure that your business cards come out with all your design’s bells and whistles, as intended.


This is something we would recommend in most aspects of design and is not limited to business cards per say. Keeping a design simple allows for the flow of your design to be more apparent, that is, how someones eye is drawn around the card. You can create a simple design while still having lots of colour on the card. Simple does not necessarily mean a bland colourless design as someone might expect. We always prefer to avoid unnecessary clutter on designs as it can create an overwhelming feeling for someone viewing the design.


The information on your card should flow in a logical sense. For example, you wouldn’t start with a contact number and then an address. You would start with the person that a client might be dealing with, and then the title that person has at the company, and then lead in to the additional details, such as that persons email address and their contact number. Another aspect of design that helps the flow is to have labels or headings for each bit of information to make things easier to digest for the client.

There are many tricks to design, and a lot of these tricks are not always obvious. Why not hire an experienced team to let them handle your next design project?

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